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"Eva Tavares... is as spectacular a Christine as we have ever seen... Tavares' crystalline soprano and her thorough commitment to the character of Christine are dazzling reminders of why she powers the imaginations of her two suitors to pursue her with such ardor. There's not a lot of exposition about why Christine is so easily hoodwinked by the Phantom's machinations- audiences are often left wondering why she, like so many heroines in the genre of fictional horror/thrillers seems so daft and easily led into danger- and so it's incumbent upon the actress playing the role to supply enough back story to make her take more plausible and accessible. Tavares delivers the goods, to be certain, and her Christine's actions are authentic and believable... I could listen to her singing it on a continuous loop for years to come."

Broadway World

Nashville, TN

"...the real star is Eva Tavares as Christine Daae. The Canadian-born opera singer wields her voice with such tempered precision and ethereal splendor, it's conceivable that perhaps she was trained by some otherworldly musical genius. The petite soprano is a raging powerhouse who portrays this heroine-in-distress as both sympathetic and unapologetic. "

Nancy Floyd


"Eva Tavares as the bright-eyed chorus girl Christine Daae is enthralling to watch. Tavares' performance captures the ingenue's fearful innocence and balances well with her compassion for the tortured Phantom. With a lovely soprano voice, Tavares's singing can only be described as the sound of starlight. She captures our hearts just like her two suitors. "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" is a hauntingly endearing highlight."

Broadway World

New Orleans

"As the vulnerable, virginal newcomer Maria, fragile-looking but with tensile strength, Eva Tavares is exactly right. She has charm to go with innocence, plus an unerringly pure soprano voice which negotiates absurd heights without apparent effort. I Feel Pretty, charmingly staged, is delightful."

Liz Nicholls

Edmonton, Alberta

"Tavares, with her operatic soprano, is the vocal star. "

Jerry Wasserman

Vancouver, BC

"Eva Tavares is a cracker-jack Maria, pint-sized, full of life and determination. She had both the stage personality and the voice to handle Maria.  Indeed her operatically trained voice was a joy to listen to, so complex and masterful."

Graham Hicks

Edmonton, Alberta

"...but I was most impressed, as was the audience, by Eva Tavares who played the role of Cecily Cardew. Her soprano voice was fabulous, and this award-winning singer who is studying to be an Opera Major at UBC will surely go places in her career in both opera and musicals."

Ed Farolan

Vancouver, BC

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